All about the controversial chicken breast video: Fatih Tutak explains

A famous chef, an ambitious restaurant with worldwide fame, a kitchen team made up of the best in the country and a chicken that will come to the table for dessert after plucking its feathers and cutting off its head. The country’s most successful restaurant — and the only place to earn four out of four stars — at the center of the latest social media outrage: Turkish chef Fatih TutakThere is a chicken breast video shared by . In the video, a beautiful and healthy chicken roams freely among the restaurant’s tables. The feathers fly for a while and then the chicken breast recipe begins. Boiled chicken meat is broken down into fibers, which eventually become a chicken-shaped chicken breast dessert. The video doesn’t end there either, a red liquid pours out as soon as a knife pierces the dessert on the plate: raspberry sauce.

About the answers Fatih Tutak He quickly deleted this video. But since there is no delete button on the internet, a copy is circulating on social media. I was even sent this morning by three different people. Even though I didn’t actively use social media yesterday, I even saw it. The chicken is not shown to be slaughtered, feathered or decapitated. My first reaction was not to understand the reason for the reaction, as with every outrage in Turkey. “Are people on social media mad because they now realize chicken breasts are made of chicken?” I kidded myself. When I watched it again, the joke in the video was free of all sensitivity, and it gave me a slight start. David Attenborough I also get scared when I see animals eating each other in their documentaries. most of us “animal species”, we digest If the human being cuts the animal… I looked for the best, Fatih TutakI directly asked what he thought of the chicken breast video.

After what you have done

In first place “I stand behind what I do” said His voice was determined. He didn’t show the slightest sign of remorse. He will indeed make a statement, but wait for some time to pass. He asked me to wait a week or two if I was going to write anything. I said I couldn’t wait an hour or two.

“I removed this video because I couldn’t deal with the backlash from vegans and animal lovers,” said “People started writing very rude comments and curses. They started attacking.”

to take He also emphasized that no animals were harmed during the filming of the video, and that details such as the slaughter of the animal were not included.

Eating animals is an atrocity in itself. And the “omnivorous” person becomes part of this violence almost every day without a doubt. Whenever we realize what kind of process goes through the piece of meat in front of us, we have people who question it. But we often ignore factories, how chickens or cows are slaughtered, how pigs are automatically cut into pieces from factory lines. Fatih TutakThere are videos of real meat production centers that are much more amazing than the fictional chicken breast video of. We look at them and go back to consuming meat.

Fatih Tutak He also says that he does not understand that the moral police are using him as a scapegoat in a country where so much meat is consumed. “If there is another restaurant that respects nature and products as much as we do, come to me” ambitious enough to say so. He claims that when the same video was shown in Berlin the day before, 1,500 people gave a standing ovation and people lined up to try the chicken breast.

“I’m respectful of everyone who eats whatever, but there is a truth of nature” he says “Everything we eat has a truth. Animals also eat meat. The entire crew, who share and attack with comments, are people who eat vegan and have taken this work to the level of activism. I didn’t want to participate either.”

“Can I taste it?” I say.


“No,” he says Tired of the reaction. I wouldn’t put it on the Turkish menu. He already says that making chicken breast is problematic on its own. His team recorded this video last week to give a recipe for a traditional Turkish dessert. But before that, they were prepared for weeks. They learned the recipe at the Yanyanlı Fehmi restaurant in Kadıköy and transferred it to the Turks. He explains that the chicken breast is very difficult, that it is made from fresh chicken, that the chicken should not go into the cupboard after it is cut, going over it quickly. to take.

“There is no ulterior motive, our only purpose was to describe the chicken breast.” he says The video is now available for almost all foreigners. “Oh, is that made of chicken?” with the purpose of introducing to the world a dessert that surprised him; That’s why there are English KJs. He won’t admit it, but it’s clear the video has a deliberately provocative tone to get him talking. He actually spoke. to takeI don’t think the ad was intended to be good and bad, and I’m surprised you’re surprised by the intensity of the reactions. Every play that gets you talking gets applause and reaction.


Fatih TutakI also asked him if he was anti-vegan because Turk doesn’t have a vegan tasting menu. He said that this requires a separate preparation, which they don’t have, so they can’t offer a vegan menu. But they can accommodate vegetarians.

I am in the middle of how sincere the reactions are. Some are actually against the violence applied by people’s insistence on eating animals. But it is clear that counter-violence is not the way to reduce meat consumption. For the most part, as with street dogs, they have a purely aesthetic response to this chicken breast. Jonathan Safran-Foerfrom “Eat animals” theses in the book or Michael Pollanhis writing is much more effective.

In addition, it is clear that consuming beef, above all, harms the environment due to the gas produced by the animals. The world is already looking for alternative proteins like cockroaches. I feel your stomach growling. But the shrimp you adore is also an insect in the sea, just like the cockroaches that roam the bottom. It is nicer because of the color. It’s just a difference in perception that a rat and a squirrel are the same species and someone is cute because of their tail.

Maybe we can give up meat consumption when alternative proteins are found. But at the moment we are not on that path. And every animal that is eaten is often slaughtered in industrial conditions and reaches our table. Humanely slaughtered animals… are slaughtered after all. The table without meat is very difficult in countries like Turkey.

But Turkey also has one of the most aggressive animal rights populations. This topic is so taboo that those who declare themselves animal rights defenders don’t even want to hear different ideas and solutions. The best known “Emel Panther” like angry, unfriendly and blindfolded.

Not that I’m defending hunting, I even hate it. But there are those among hunters who claim that sometimes thousands of other animals are raised for the money they spend for each animal they shoot. This is a thesis, it should be discussed. However, it is not possible to make such a robust assessment in Turkey.

Stray dogs are taboo. In any civilized city in the world, hundreds of dogs do not roam the streets. If the alternative to this is the mass slaughter of dogs, of course they should walk; but the only solution is not to be forced to choose between two extremes. Much better than the current situation and a healthy solution must be found. Many solutions should be discussed, from stopping the sale of pets in pet shops to imposing criminal penalties on those who let their dogs loose on the street. But first we have to reconcile that stray dogs are not on city streets, which is not a sign of color and sympathy, but a security threat to many. I can still remember how many times we barely survived being attacked by stray dogs when my dog ​​was alive.

years ago “path” the dead horse in the movie Sheriff Gorenwhen i asked “Human rights did not exist then” answered. The correlation between those who still defend stray dogs and those who beat their own children and abuse their spouses can be an interesting academic study.

In the same way Fatih TutakThe video of may also seem repulsive, of course it is ready to make an impact. But I don’t think almost any of the haters of this video have made the slightest reduction in their personal meat consumption. Chicken breast is a wonderful dessert and it is made from chicken. Unfortunately, the chickens come to our table with their heads cut off and their feathers plucked. We know that. We don’t care if we don’t see it.

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