Cartlak kebab recipe, how to make cartlak kebab?

Gaziantep Cagirtlak Kebab /Antep Cagirtlak Kebab / Gaziantep Cartlak Kebab /Antep Cartlak Kebab is a kebab that is prepared by placing a single bottle of pork butter, liver, heart, kidney and lard as fat or lard, one by one and cooking grilled preferably from a male sheep.

In the food treatise written by Ali Eşref Dede in the 18th century, it was stated that çakırtlak and cartlak kebab are an ancient dish made in the Gaziantep region.

Also, in the Tabakhane neighborhood of Gaziantep, there are shops that have been making liver and cartlak/cartlak kebabs for many years.

The most important distinguishing feature of Gaziantep Cagirtlak Kebab / Antep Cagirtlak Kebab / Gaziantep Cartlak Kebab / Antep Cartlak Kebab is that the kebab is made of liver, heart, lung and kidney. It takes skill to ensure that the viscera, which are cut into small pieces and have different cooking times, cook without burning and remain tender.


Ingredients: 1 portion (1 person)

2 tike liver

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2 tike hearts

1 tike kidney

1 tike lung

2 tike cloths untie or 2 tike tail oil

1 tic spleen on request,

Salt, optionally red pepper, cumin, sumac

Tike: A piece cut into size cubes

Number of stripping tics; Can be changed as 1 oil tike instead of 1 lung tike or 2 liver tike depending on preference.


Offals are cut so they can be bottled thinly, but smaller than diced.

The bottle is lined in such a way that there is a solution oil (sheep lymph node) or lard oil.

Oil can be increased according to preference and skewer size.

This ensures that offal, which has a completely dry structure, cooks comfortably and remains soft at the same time.

The skewers are then threaded and the coals are turned frequently in the same direction for 6-8 minutes. it’s cooked

It is important to take the kebab in a juicy state without burning and hardening in the fire and requires mastery skills.

Cooked meats are served in Antep Nail Pita with 2 skewers per serving or between lavash and served as wraps or on a plate, if desired.

It is consumed hot by adding salt and preferably red pepper, cumin and sumac powder.

It is preferably served with piyaz consisting of onion and parsley on the side.

Enjoy your meal

“The recipe is taken from the Gaziantep Municipality website”

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