4 Types of Women and Why Men Choose Women

The idea of building “love forever” doesn’t seem simple. But what is the complexity? Why do we burn so many bridges and hurt ourselves and our partners? When women make mistakes, let’s figure it out and understand! 1. What attracts a man is the condition of a mistress A mistress is a Molotov cocktail. Sexy, … Read more

6 Bad Signs That It’s Lust

Not love If you’re the kind of person who searches the Internet for articles like this one, you can be sure that you’re in love, not lust. You always want love for yourself and those close to you. Of course, not everyone puts love first. Not everyone puts love at the top of their list … Read more

6 Signs That a Man Is In Love With You and 6 Signs That He Is Using You

Insecure feelings are common among women, especially young girls, in their love relationships. Well, occasionally our greatest fears come true, but because of our own anxieties or a terrible relationship in the past, it may also be simple to distrust our partner’s sentiments. Fortunately, there are a few indicators that might let you know if … Read more