crushed hamburger


I like to experiment with different burgers. The fact that my son (who is in a difficult period of liking food) enjoys eating the burgers I make is also a big contributor to this issue. When this is the case, the importance of making a quick and delicious burger at home is even greater.

Hamburger recipes are usually shared in the form of larger patties, medium rare on the inside, flavored with different garnishes. The recipe I am going to give you today is a very quick and very tasty but simple recipe. Of course, if there is time, you can get a very tasty hamburger by adding mushrooms or caramelized onions. Or you can add tomatoes, pickles and iceberg. You can use them however you want.

My suggestion for the sauce is to mix a tablespoon of mayonnaise, a tablespoon of ketchup and a teaspoon of mustard, and add a couple of finely chopped cucumbers. If you want, you can add hot sauces, they are very good too. Sometimes I even use sriracha instead of ketchup in the sauce I make, it’s really nice.

Let’s make a crushed hamburger:


-100 g per meatball. minced

-Salt, freshly ground black pepper

Yes, burger toppings are just that. Of course, if you want to put cheese on it, you have to add it to the ingredients. I personally like to make myself a double meatball burger, one meatball is enough for my son, you can adjust the total amount according to your taste.

Prepare the minced meat in the form of balls of 100 grams each. If possible, heat a Teflon cast or non-stick pan. By warming up, I mean 5cm above the hand. It’s hot enough that you’ll want to fire after about 5 seconds when you’re holding it at range. In the meantime, run the vacuum cleaner on high, the atmosphere will be smoky.

Put a very thin amount of sunflower oil in the hot pan (1-2 tablespoons will be enough), throw in the minced meat balls one by one (two if the pan is big), throw them already you know, and immediately press with a spatula to form a flat meatball as much as possible. Unless you have a very special talent, the meatballs will not be round, it doesn’t matter, we add salt and pepper to the meatballs at this stage. Cook for 3-4 minutes until the underside of the meatball is cooked through and dark brown and crispy, then flip with a thin spatula. If you are going to add cheese, put it on the meatballs immediately. Cook for another 2-3 minutes until the bottom is cooked through, then immediately put it on the bread. By the way, these times can be shortened by a minute if you use a cast iron pan.

Let me end this post with a couple of tips that will make your burger better. First, I recommend using up the hamburger buns by frying them in a hot pan before the process begins. Hamburger buns are a bleeding wound for me, it’s hard to find good ones, I don’t like big brand buns, but we don’t have many alternatives. I want to learn how to make a hamburger bun soon, I will share it with you, it is possible to find simple and beautiful recipes. Apart from that, when you have all the materials you will use for the decoration when you make a hamburger, cook the meatballs when you have them ready; We don’t want the meatballs to cool. Cheese on the other hand is a bit of a problem, cheese that melts better on the burger, hamburger cheese, and even fake cheddar cheeses, sold individually in nylon, work great, but it’s difficult de Let’s call this type of cheese, they are not naturally made cheeses, however, I tend to use these cheeses with this recipe, but I can’t say that I really like them. You can also try thin slices of fresh cheddar cheese, but don’t expect it to melt very well.

I wish you a good week and happy holidays.

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