December 8 MasterChef 2021 Chef Danilo’s food Majesti recipe, ingredients and trick

With the new episode of MasterChef Turkey, a special recipe called Danilo Chef’s Majesti has begun to be investigated. Chef Danilo explained all the details and tricks of this special burger recipe, which is asked to be made in the individual immunity game, to the contestants one by one before the match. So how to do Majesty? Majesti’s recipe, ingredient list and trick, with the chef’s explanation, are in our news.



1. By Water Roux;

25 g of flour

30 g of water

62 g of milk

2. For the dough;

120 g of milk

3 g of dry yeast

340 g of flour

8 g of salt

30 g of sugar

1 whole egg

1 egg yolk

50 g of butter

3. Above;

1 yellow egg

30 g of melted butter


Ingredients for mayonnaise

4 eggs

5. Sunflower oil

6. Lemon

7. Dijon mustard

Ingredients for the cabbage salad

1. Col

2. Carrot

3. Lemon salt

4. Garlic

5. Apple cider vinegar

6. Sal

For the caviar mayonnaise

1. Egg

2. Sunflower oil

3. Black caviar

4. Grain-free Dijon mustard

5. Lemon

King crab: 1 for all

For the previous one

1. Fresh truffles

2. Unsalted butter


For the mayonnaise:

– Take the egg yolk, mustard and lemon juice in a bowl with a little salt. While the sunflower oil is poured in very slowly, it is continuously mixed with a mixer. After getting the mayonnaise, caviar is added and gently mixed.

For the king crab:

-Crab is steamed whole for 8-10 minutes, then cooled immediately in ice water. With the help of scissors, separate the meat from the shells and set aside. When it’s time to serve, saute with butter and salt.

For the bread:

– Put water, milk and flour in a small saucepan and mix continuously with the help of a mixer to obtain a pudding over a low heat. Pour this pudding into a bowl and refrigerate until chilled.

– Put the milk, sugar and yeast in a bowl and wait 10 minutes for the yeast to activate.

-Weigh the dry ingredients in another bowl, add custard, egg and milk, sugar, yeast mixture. Knead until smooth.

-Add the butter at room temperature and continue kneading until well mixed.

– After resting the dough for 20 minutes, divide it into 70g balls and wait until it doubles (approximately 30 minutes).

– Egg and milk are mixed and brushed with the help of a brush and baked in the oven at 160° for 25 minutes.

For coleslaw:

-Cut the cabbage finely, mix it with lemon salt and salt and wait for its juice to come out.

– Grate the carrot through the fine part of the grater and add to the cabbage. Add the lemon juice and apple cider vinegar.

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