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Magnolia Bakery, one of the main representatives of American pastry culture; The opening of Vadistanbul, its first branch in Istanbul, was celebrated with special invitations for three days. Magnolia Bakery, which will hold its grand opening on Thursday, September 8 at 2 p.m. to all its guests, is in Istanbul; Exactly the same tastes as New York products will meet their fans.

In the opening speech of the invitation, which was held with the participation of special guests, Magnolia Bakery Turkey Investor Mehmet Dinçerler and Magnolia Bakery Turkey COO Tuğba Dinçerler Uçar While expressing happiness to bring such an important brand to Turkey, Magnolia Bakery Vice President of Franchise Operations Erick Larios, who was in Turkey for the opening, expressed the sense of being in Istanbul with the first branch in Europe.

Magnolia Bakery in Istanbul; The opening featured 60 specialty flavors in the Icebox Pie & Bar, Banana Pudding, Brownie & Bar, Cake & Cupcake, Fruit Crisps, Pie, Cookie, Cheesecake Tres Leches and breakfast items categories. During the invitation, which took place with the intense interest of the guests; Experience the unique flavors of Magnolia Bakery, from the famous cupcake varieties to Banana Pudding, Brownies and Cheesecakes, explained by Magnolia Bakery’s Executive Chef, Kiran Shetty.

The stunningly famous Banana Pudding with banana and vanilla wafer cookies layered between creamy layers of vanilla pudding, Red Velvet Cheesecake with a rich chocolate cheesecake filling on a chocolate chip cookie base, a delicious Double Fudge Brownie with a soft center and crunchy dark cocoa. chocolate dust and chips, and an all-pistachio cupcake, which came together with pistachio meringue buttercream on a cake made with natural pistachio paste, was one of the standout flavors of the opening.

Vadistanbul is Magnolia Bakery Istanbul with its two-sided location on the corner at the entrance of Moda street; It is designed to accommodate up to 70 diners in its interior and exterior areas with a storage area of ​​150 m2, garden of 75 m2 and kitchen of 75 m2.

The investor of Magnolia Bakery Turkey Mehmet Dinçerler, who began his speech by thanking all the guests who accompanied them to the opening of the first branch of Magnolia Bakery, the iconic brand of New York City, in Turkey; “As an investor coming from the food and beverage industry, we are on this path with an awareness of the gap in American pastry culture in Turkey; My team and I have always worked with the belief that Magnolia Bakery would be a great fit in Istanbul. Since 2020, we have put a lot of effort into Magnolia Bakery, which I experienced for the first time in New York and dreamed of its concept, thinking that the need for a global brand will be satisfied by the taste lovers of our country. With the excitement of opening Istanbul Magnolia Bakery, which makes sense as it is the first branch in Europe, it is very valuable to be here today with all of you, and I am very happy that we managed to conclude this process, thankfully. I would like to thank all my teammates, especially Tuğba Dinçerler Uçar, COO of Magnolia Bakery Turkey, who has been with me since day one while making this dream come true. Also, I’d like to thank each of you again for being here. Welcome, welcome,” he said.

Tuğba Dinçerler Uçar, COO of Magnolia Bakery Turkey

About Magnolia Bakery: Magnolia Bakery opens its doors for the first time in New York’s West Village neighborhood. While the sweet smell of Magnolia’s cakes, pies, cookies and pudding attracts those who smell it on the street, the Red Velvet Cupcake and Banana Pudding soon become iconic and long queues form outside the bakery. Magnolia Bakery is attracting so much attention that New York is even said to have replaced the famous Pretzel with cupcakes, and Magnolia Bakery is becoming a destination for both domestic and foreign tourists. When the time comes, Magnolia Bakery continues its journey, which began as a neighborhood bakery with the belief that it should now share its magical flavors with the world, opening branches in New York and various locations around the world, and Magnolia Bakery books with their famous recipes are born to be with people while celebrating their most important moments. . The values ​​that have always remained the same since day one in this growth path are; Opening the oven early and closing late, believing that a little butter cream can fix everything, and always making today sweeter than yesterday…

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