If eggplants absorb oil while frying, the cooking secret you should apply is never oil.

Eggplant is a popular vegetable. French fries are everyone’s favorite recipe. However, oil extraction can sometimes be a problem.

No one can say no to fried eggplant. However, while frying eggplants, problems such as oil extraction can sometimes appear. That’s why there are a few methods to prevent the oil from stretching while frying eggplants.

If you are going to make fried eggplant at home, you should try this recipe. Your eggplants will never absorb the oil.

In a content shared by Mynet; The secrets of making fried eggplants without oil were shared one by one. Here are those secrets

method 1

Instead of salt water we will use sugar so that the aubergines do not absorb the oil and turn black. Sprinkle sugar over the peeled aubergines and leave them like this for 10 minutes. This will prevent them from absorbing the oil and eliminate the bitter taste of the eggplant.

2nd method

The vinegar you add to the frying oil will prevent the eggplant from absorbing too much oil.

3rd method

After frying the eggplants, put them in warm water for a very short time and immediately remove them. Then wait for the eggplants to dry. This is another method that can be applied to reduce fat.

4th method

If you are going to fry whole eggplants, fry them without cutting off the stem and head. This way, the aubergines will absorb much less oil.

You can also apply the same application while frying zucchini. That way, the fried zucchini you make will never absorb oil.

There is another important point that you should pay attention to.

The oil you are going to fry must be very hot. The vegetables you will use must never be rotten. It must be fresh.

Be careful to consume immediately after frying the eggplant.

You will lose the flavor of fried eggplant that you expect.

Never put it in the fridge. Because it is a food that contains oil, it causes both odor and taste in the refrigerator.

Yes, these are the secrets to apply on fried eggplant. You can also share this information with your friends and let them benefit as well.

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