Sculpt your arms with the 30-Day Arm Exercise

Only 30 days separate you from having trim hands! This is important because your hands are always in plain sight. Whether you are walking, sitting, lifting or pulling, your hands are always in plain sight. Get your hands ready to show off with the “Transform Your Hands in 30 Days” program.
This challenge will wear you out to the limit. Constantly working on any muscle group is exhausting, but since your arm muscles are smaller and your movements are somewhat limited, you’ll have to embrace the idea of rest. The workouts are spread out so that on some days you work on your triceps and biceps, and on some days you work on several muscles.

Since you will have to work out all the time, short but effective workouts are included to give your muscles a false sense of relief. We’ve also added some cardio exercises with a jump rope and boxing for extra fat burning and arm relief. Perform every twist, curl, extension, lift, jump and kick!

Transform your arms in 30 days

What to do: Follow the workout plan below.

What you’ll need: A set of dumbbells, an interval timer (available on most phones), a yoga mat, a kitchen chair or flat bench.

Week 1.
While you’re transforming your arms, don’t forget to change your eating habits, too. Try a 30-day high-protein, low-carbohydrate meal plan and shopping list to nourish, repair and reshape your body.

Day 1: Workout for beautiful biceps
Day 2: Triceps workout for all fitness levels
Day 3: Rest day
Day 4: Press, shoulder and triceps workout
Day 5: 7 minute arm workout
Rest day 6
Day 7: H.I.I.T. arm workout

Week 2.
You can’t transform your arms if you don’t make them stronger. Learn how to make your arms stronger: a step-by-step guide.

Day 8: Tabata workout for triceps
Day 9: Boxing workout for sexy arms and legs.
Rest day
Day 11: Workout for beautiful biceps
Day 12
Day 13: 5-minute workout for arms
Day 14: One movement for trimmed triceps

Week 3.
Add some cardio while you transform your arms with any of these 9 four-minute fat-burning workouts to burn more fat and complete the perfect, slender look.

Day 15: 6 moves for summer hands
Day 16: How to tone your triceps in 3 sets.
Rest day 17.
Day 18: Jump rope Tabata Challenge
Day 19: Get rid of armpit fat with these 5 moves
Day 20
Day 21: Stunning arms in just 2 moves

Week 4
Enjoy any of these 50 “clean eating” snacks while you transform your arms to stay energetic and avoid unhealthy snacks.

Day 22: The best moves to get trim and free swinging arms
Day 23: 7 yoga poses to tone and shape your arms
Day 24
Day 25: Boxing – the way to sexier arms and legs
Day 26: Jumping rope Tabata Challenge
Rest day 27
Day 28: Training for beautiful biceps

Week 5

Day 29: H.I.I.T. Arm workout
Day 30: Workout for abs, shoulders and triceps.

After you transform your arms, transform your abs with the 30-day All Pain & Gain Ab Challenge.

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