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The easiest way to remove body hair at home

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1- Sugar and honey wax Required: brown sugar/common white sugar

– 1 tablespoon raw honey

– 1 tablespoon water

– 1 tablespoon microwave-safe bowl spatula a few strips of thin cloth Instructions:

Place all ingredients in a microwave-safe bowl and place in the microwave. Cook for 30-35 seconds until the mixture begins to bubble and brown. This will give the wax the perfect consistency.

Remove the bowl from the heat and allow the homemade wax to cool. Then take the wax with a spatula and gently apply it to the facial hair you want to remove.

Place a cloth on top, grip it firmly with your fingers and run it in the direction of your beard.

Then pull the cloth firmly but quickly (making the sharpest possible motion) only in the opposite direction (reverse hair growth).

. Repeat the waxing and use one cloth strip to remove unwanted facial hair.

2 – Sugar wax and lemon juice As needed:

brown sugar/common white sugar.

– 1 cup Fresh lemon juice

– 2 tablespoons Water

– 2 tablespoons Medium-sized spoon Spoon A few pieces of cotton cloth Instructions:

Add the sugar, lemon juice and water to a bowl.

Place over medium heat and keep stirring with a spoon for 8-10 minutes.

The mixture should become very thick and resemble honey in consistency.

Turn off the heat and remove the bowl from the oven. Allow to cool for a few minutes. Using a spatula, apply the hot wax to the facial hair.

Remember to start with small areas.

Place a cotton cloth, press the wax down firmly and smooth it out with your finger.

Now quickly pull the cloth upward. The direction of movement should be opposite to the growth of facial hair.

Repeat the last step until all unwanted hair is removed from the face.

3- Sugar, honey and lemon juice wax Things needed:

brown sugar/common white sugar.

– 1 cup raw honey

– 2 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice

– 1 tablespoon microwave safe bowl spatula a few cloth strips Instructions:

Place the sugar, honey and lemon juice in a microwave-safe bowl and place in the microwave.

Heat everything for 2-3 minutes to get the perfect wax consistency.

Take the bowl out of the oven and let it cool slightly.

Then use a spatula to apply the hot wax to small areas of facial hair.

Place a tissue over it, press down firmly, smooth it out with your fingers, and quickly pull against the growth of the hair.

Continue this process until all unwanted hair is removed.

Hair Removal with Turmeric From the kitchen to your beauty routine in the blink of an eye Discover the superfood of the century:

Turmeric. material: 1 cup chickpea flour ½ teaspoon turmeric a few drops of milk or heavy cream Method: Place chickpea flour in a small mixing bowl. Add the turmeric, add a few drops of milk or cream and stir. Stir until the mixture becomes a smooth, thick paste. Apply the turmeric mixture in a thin layer in the direction of hair growth. Leave the mixture on for 20-25 minutes or until completely dry. Rub the turmeric mixture with a washcloth and gently rub it on the skin in front of the hair growth. Remove the rest of the mixture with warm water. Apply your favorite moisturizer to soothe your skin and replenish lost moisture.

5- Hair Removal with Papaya Papaya helps to remove unwanted hair.

The papaya fruit contains the enzyme papain, which helps break down the hair cuticle and slows hair growth. Papaya is also one natural way to help get rid of dead skin cells.Material: papaya 1/2 tablespoon turmeric powder Method: Peel the papaya and put it in a blender to make a papaya puree. Add turmeric to the mashed papaya and mix well. Apply the papaya and turmeric mixture on your skin and leave it for 20 minutes. Rinse your skin with lukewarm water. Make sure to do this papaya mask at least twice a week to get rid of unwanted hair growth.

6- Banana and oatmeal Material: 2 1/2 tbsp oatmeal 1 ripe banana Procedure:

Place oatmeal and banana in a bowl and make a thin paste. Oatmeal is the secret hero of depilation, helping to inhibit hair growth and remove dead skin cells. Banana is an excellent moisturizer to eliminate dry skin. Wait 15 minutes, rinse with water and pat on skin. Do not rub the skin too hard. It will only cause damage.

7 – Sugar and lemon juice:

2 tablespoons sugar 2 tsp lemon juice water Procedure: Mix the above ingredients to make a thick paste. Add water as needed.

Once cooked, warm it up a bit in the microwave.

Allow it to cool down a bit and then apply it to your face.

Be careful when applying it to the areas with the most

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