The recipe and making the easiest apple pie: How to make apple pie at home with the easiest and most practical recipe?

Don’t be intimidated by the ingredients in this handy apple pie recipe. We are here with a recipe that is much easier than you think. The most important thing about this recipe is that it is an apple pie recipe in the pan. When you pay attention to the tricks, it is possible to get a great crispy taste.

  • Start making the apple pie by first preparing the filling. Peel the apples you have reserved for the filling and grate them in the pan you will be roasting.
  • After grating the apples, add 2 tablespoons of sugar that you reserved for the filling and fry.
  • The point to pay attention to when roasting apples is that the apples must absorb the juices they release. So roast it without turning the heat too high and keep stirring while it roasts.
  • Continue frying until the apples are juicy. Mix the cinnamon and crushed walnuts into your roasted apples and turn off the heat.
  • While the filling is resting, start making the dough for the apple pie.
  • For the dough, start by first melting the margarine and chilling it.
  • Add the sugar, yogurt, oil and egg to the cooled margarine and mix well.
  • When the liquid additions are finished, gradually add the flour, baking powder and vanilla to your dough.
  • You will get a non-sticky dough. Divide the dough you have made into two equal parts and spread a piece of your dough evenly and evenly to form the base.
  • You need to freeze the other piece of dough in the freezer for 45 minutes because you will be scraping it to make the topping.
  • Pour all the interior mortar you have prepared onto the mass you are laying on the floor. Then wait for the other part to freeze.
  • Cross off your other dough, which you saved 45 minutes / 1 hour, so that it is above the debit.
  • After grating all the dough, bake the apple pie in a preheated oven at 175 degrees until golden.
  • Remove the cake from the oven, which is sure to be cooked, and you can serve it with a dusting of powdered sugar after the first fire.

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