Those who try it at home, do not take the facts home! Here’s the recipe for crispy chicken nuggets that go with every meal

You no longer need to buy the nuggets that children love so much at the market! You won’t be able to get enough of the crunchy nuggets you can make at home. also, if you still haven’t decided what to cook, it will be a good idea for you. Here is the recipe for crispy nuggets…


Crispy nuggets recipe

There is no one who does not like to eat nuggets. When you prepare the nugget, which has become indispensable especially for children, with this recipe, you will no longer buy it at the market. Are you ready to make nuggets at home with their gorgeous look and unique taste and feed your wife and kids with your fingers? Thanks to its easy and practical preparation, you can save your hard days with this dish, and you can increase or decrease the ingredients of the recipe according to the number of people. When you eat such delicious nuggets with these ingredients, this recipe will come to mind whenever you struggle with the idea of ​​food variety. These crunchy nuggets, the smell of which will fill the whole house or even the apartment, will make everyone fall in love and no one will know what you did at home. Don’t forget to add this recipe to your favorites in your recipe book. Here is the homemade crispy nuggets recipe we have compiled for you…

Ingredients for the nuggets:

– 500 g of chicken breast

– Half a teaspoon of black pepper

– 1 teaspoon of curry

– Ground red pepper with a tip of 1 teaspoon

– Sal

– 2 tablespoons of flour

To find:

– Fame

– Scrambled eggs

– Breadcrumbs

Preparation of nuggets:

– Cut the chicken breast into pieces to fit the round and insert it into the round.

– Add black pepper, curry, red chili powder, salt and flour and pass the chicken through the round.

– Take a piece of foil on the counter and put the minced chicken on it and cover it again with foil.

– Immediately afterwards, pass the cling film and thin out the chicken mince so that there is not too much left over.

– Next, open the minced meat and shape the nuggets with the dough cutter. (You can make it any shape and size you want)

– Continue shaping with the same method until all the mortar is gone. (Number of nugget may vary depending on size)

– To coat the prepared nuggets, dip them first in flour, then in scrambled eggs and finally in breadcrumbs.

– Put the nuggets you have reserved to cook in the hot oil and cook them well on the top and bottom, turning them often until they are golden.

– Put the golden nuggets on a plate lined with kitchen paper and serve them with the sauces you want.

Enjoy your meal…

*** If you are not going to immediately bake all the nuggets you have prepared, you can put them in my pan and put them in the freezer.

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