Yakitori Skewer Recipe! What is Masterchef Yakitori and how is it made? Yakitori recipe, what are the necessary ingredients? Which country’s dish is Yakitori?

Delicious meals were made on Masterchef today. The most curious topic of the audience was the Yakitori recipe. So what is the best Yakitori recipe? How to cook Yakitori? What are the ingredients needed for Yakitori? How is Yakitorina made? What are the essentials for Yakitori?


Yakitori (in Turkish: bird grill) is a type of chicken skewer in Japanese cuisine. Also known as Kushiyaki.

While traditional yakitori is only made with different parts of chicken, today it is also made with beef, fish and seafood. Those made by just sticking the vegetable in the bottle are called kushi.

Yakitori is usually served with a rice wine sauce made from salt or sweet sake called tara, soy sauce and sugar. This sauce is spread over the skewered meat, carefully cooked, and after cooking it is again dipped in this sauce.

Yakitori is one of the favorite dishes in Japan and Asia. In Japan, many employees go home from work for lunch by buying yakitori from one of the roadside stands and continue on their way.

Similar dishes

Brochette (French), Espetada (Portuguese), Satay (Far Eastern), Shashlik (Russian), Shish kebab (Turkish), Souvlaki, Mici (Romanian) or Kalamaki (Greek)

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