You don’t have to go to Gaziantep to eat it! Katmer dessert with ice cream will make your mouth water

Katmer dessert, one of the registered tastes of Gaziantep, our city of gastronomy, is one of the desserts enjoyed by almost everyone. If you want to try this flavor at home, here is the katmer recipe with details…

We are here with the wonderful taste of Gaziantep cuisine, one of the most important cuisines of our beautiful country, katmer dessert. Katmer, which contains pistachio, sugar, plain oil, cream cheese and milk cream, is popular because it is prepared in a short time and cooks quickly. Katmer, whose reputation for its lightness and flavor goes beyond the borders of the country today, was used as the first day’s breakfast for newly married couples in the city to lead a happy and sweet life. This legendary flavor, which is eaten even for breakfast, has fans all over our country. Katmer is a dessert with as extensive a history as baklava. The most important feature is a dessert served to newlyweds after the wedding. Over time, this tradition began to be consumed by everyone for breakfast. If you want to try this flavor easily at home without going to Gaziantep, you should definitely try our recipe…


1 filo dough made

1 handful of crushed pistachios

2-3 spoons of sugar



During the service:

Normal ice cream


To make the legendary katmer, first of all, we take our prepared baklava dough and spread the butter in the middle so that it covers an area of ​​25 * 25 cm, and sprinkle pistachios on it. Then spread sugar evenly and add natural cream piece by piece. First we fold the rectangle so that the square is last.


Cook both sides, checking constantly over low heat in a large non-stick pan with butter. We take our katmer, which is cooked on both sides, on a serving plate and cut it as we like. We serve it with natural ice cream.


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